Deadurff Family Stories 

Click on one of the links below to read stories that I have been sent to me about the Deardurff family history.

These articles were submitted by family members. If you have an article to post her please contact me I will see that you get credit for the article you submit. Or if you’d rather I’ll link to your site.

Also, If you find these interesting check out the Notes section.

If any of these articles are in violation of any copyright laws please let me know and I will see to that they are either removed or get proper credit.

The intent is to build a resource for our ancestry.

Defending The Alamo

Defending The Alamo William Dearduff, b. about 1811, 25 or older, arrived single from Tennessee 20 Mar 1830 and received title for one fourth sitio

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Deardorff History

Deardorff History History of Deardorff Original artical on I’ve copied here to perserve the story in one location with other deardurff family stories.  

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Deardurff Women

Deardurff women played pioneering role in Franklinton By: Robert Albrecht Dispatch Reporter   The phrase “pioneer women” brings to mind images of determined and resilient

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Deardurff History

Deardurff History This if an excerpt from the Franklin County Centennial Biographical History R977.156 – C333 Lewis Publishing Co. 1901 Found at: Ohio Historical Society

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