Dierdorff, Anthony

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Anthony Dierdorff
b: 15 Feb 1717
d: 16 Aug 1800

Anthony Dierdorff Jr. came to America in 1717 with his parents, who lived in the vicinity of Germantown, near Philadelphia, PA for several years. Early researchers apparently concluded that the Dierdorffs settled at Germantown because they found friends and members of the Dunkard Society, from their home area in Germany. During the time he was living in New Jersey, Anthony made an exploratory trip into the wilderness of PA beyond the Susquehanna River, looking for a good farming section where his parents could settle permanently. He was only 17 years of age at the time, but was apparently a skilled wilderness man who could find his way through the dense forests, and sustain himself during his wanderings. The area through which he travelled was very sparsely settled, and he reported that he had found only two white families living in the area; one family at what is now York, PA, and the other in the
Hanover, PA area. He returned home, reported what he had found, then spent several years farming with his father.
Anthony stayed in the Amwell, NJ area, married there, and farmed for himself. He decided to move back to PA about 1762, and settled in Washington Twp., York Co., where he cleared his lands, raised stock and grain, and reared his family. He gradually acquired large holdings of choice property, and when he died, he was considered to be one of the largest landowners in Washington Twp.
Anthony and his wife were members of the Dunkard Society wherever they lived. He served the local congregations faithfully throughout his lifetime. He and his wife were listed among the members of the Big Conewago Congregation by H.R. Holsinger in his History of the Tunkers, p.150. Anthony adhered to the religious convictions of his parents, subscribing to the belief that the New Testament
was their rule and guide, that the Biblical admonitions to repent and be baptised and to live peaceably with neighbors was strictly to be obeyed. Anthony made friends with the Indians in his locality, and even though severely criticized for his nonviolent convictions, steadfastly refused to take up arms against the Indians.
Anthony's will, written 12 Jan 1800, and recorded at the Court House at York, PA (Will Book K-189), divided his assets equitably among all his children.
  • 15 Feb 1717 - Birth - ; Neuwied, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
  • 16 Aug 1800 - Death - ; Dover Twp. York, PA
Antony Dierdorff
1683 - Nov 1745
Anna Mary Yager
1640 - 1708
Anthony Dierdorff
15 Feb 1717 - 16 Aug 1800
1683 - May 1747
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Antony Dierdorff
Birth1683Swartzenau, Chur-Pfalz, Germany, (near Heidelberg )
DeathNov 1745 Anwell Twp, Hunterdon co., New Jersey
Marriage1708to Christina at York, PA
Marriageto Christina at Germany
FatherAnthony Tunis Dierdorff
MotherAnna Mary Yager
PARENT (F) Christina
Birth1683Heidelberg, Stadt, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
DeathMay 1747 Anwell Twp, Hunterdon co., New Jersey
Marriage1708to Antony Dierdorff at York, PA
Marriageto Antony Dierdorff at Germany
MHeinrich Dierdorff
Birth11 Nov 1707Near Neuweid, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Death23 Nov 1749Ephrata, Cocolica Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage1729to Anna Catrina Fahrenstuck at Anwell Twp, Hunterdon co., New Jersey
Marriage1742to Elizabeth Moore
MPeter Dierdorff
Birth12 Aug 1709Neuwied, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
Death20 Nov 1786Paradise Tp., York Co., PA Dierdorff Cemetary
Marriageto Mary Ahard
MPeter Deardorff
Birth18 Apr 1742Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey, United States
Death20 Oct 1816Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, United States
FMary Dierdorff
Birth1690Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Death1738America, Ontario, Canada
FJohannes Dierdorff
MChristian Dierdorff
FChristina Dierdorff
Birth21 Sep 1734Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Death21 Nov 1787Hunterdon, New Jersey, United States
Marriageto Peter Moore
FMargaret Catherine Dierdorff
Birth1711Neuwied, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
Marriageto Bernhardes Achenbach
FSusanna Dierdorff
Birth1727Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Death1800Rockingham, Virginia, United States
MJohannes Dierdorff
BirthAbt. 1715Neuwied, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
Death1776Reading, Adams, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage22 May 1740to Margaret Erhardt at Conewago Ch, York co., PA
FAnna Dirdorff
Birth24 Feb 1723Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Death1800Rockingham, Virginia, United States
Marriage1740to William Ecker
MAnthony Dierdorff
Birth15 Feb 1717Neuwied, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
Death16 Aug 1800Dover Twp. York, PA
Marriageto Anna Mary Jaeger
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Anthony Dierdorff
Birth15 Feb 1717Neuwied, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
Death16 Aug 1800 Dover Twp. York, PA
Marriageto Anna Mary Jaeger
FatherAntony Dierdorff
PARENT (F) Anna Mary Jaeger
Birth17 Jun 1724Morris, New Jersey
Death05 May 1802 Dover, York Co., PA
Marriageto Anthony Dierdorff
FatherHans Peter Yager
MotherCatherine Roderick
MPeter Dirdorff
Birth18 Apr 1742Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Death20 Oct 1816Bedford, Co., VA
Marriageto Christina Swyer
MPaul Dirdorff
Birth30 Dec 1750Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Death16 Aug 1815Perry Twp. Franklin Co., OH
Marriageto Catherine
MAndrew Dirdorff
Birth04 Apr 1760Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Marriageto Mary Margret March
FCatherine Dirdorff
Birth1745Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Death1832Adams Co., PA
Marriage20 Mar 1764to Isaac Latshaw
FChristina Dirdorff
Birth17 Apr 1747Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Death1832Adams Co., PA
Marriage1761to Hermanus Brugh Jr.
MAnthony Dirdorff
Birth17 Nov 1749Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Death31 May 1823
FAnna Dirdorff
Birth26 Mar 1757Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Descendancy Chart
Anthony Dierdorff b: 15 Feb 1717 d: 16 Aug 1800
Anna Mary Jaeger b: 17 Jun 1724 d: 05 May 1802
Peter Dirdorff b: 18 Apr 1742 d: 20 Oct 1816
Paul Dirdorff b: 30 Dec 1750 d: 16 Aug 1815
Andrew Dirdorff b: 04 Apr 1760
Catherine Dirdorff b: 1745 d: 1832
Christina Dirdorff b: 17 Apr 1747 d: 1832
Anthony Dirdorff b: 17 Nov 1749 d: 31 May 1823
Anna Dirdorff b: 26 Mar 1757