Other Deardurff Sites

I Previously had my graphics site here as well as some business items. If you’re looking for those sites or maybe my brothers site check below. If you are a Deardurff and have a site let me know if I get enough requests I’ll start a Deardurff Directory of sites.

Deardurff Family Stories

Click on one of the links below to read stories that I have been sent to me about the Deardurff family history.

These articles were submited by family members. If you have an article to post her please contact me I will see that you get credit for the article you submit. Or if you'd rather I'll link to your site.

Also, If you find these interesting check out the Notes section.

If any of these articles are in violation of any copyright laws please let me know and I will see to that they are either removed or get proper credit.

The intent is to build a resource for our ancestory.